"I worked with Suzanne for my wedding at Copain winery on August 29th 2015. First off, the single most constant piece of feedback I got from friends and family after the wedding was not how good the food/wine was or how pretty the scenery was (despite all those things being true in my humble opinion), it was how great my photographer was! I think that’s a huge testament to Suzanne since it’s not common that people fall in love with the photographer at a wedding…but my guests most definitely did. And it wasn’t your easiest wedding - Suzanne had two major hurdles to overcome: 1) my husband, 2) my mother. My husband absolutely hates cameras/people taking pictures of him/large crowds/all eyes on him….so this wedding and specifically the photography portion had every chance of driving him nuts and creating a runaway groom situation. Fortunately for me, Suzanne came to the rescue and even Dave admitted that he barely noticed her (including during the ‘first look’ and the family photos part). My mother, on the other hand was so completely excited to capture this event and if she had her way, we would have spent two full hours taking every possible combination of family photos. Again, Suzanne was there to manage her in such a gentle way that my mom walked away LOVING her probably more than anyone! Okay, so you get the picture. Suzanne is absolutely spectacular and if you get the chance to work with her, you most definitely should. The pictures came out gorgeous, she patiently worked with me to select my favorites, the list goes on. I love love love Suzanne!!" - Gabrielle Scheer

"I cannot endorse Suzanne enough.  I am a wedding and event coordinator and I have had the pleasure of working with Suzanne for almost 5 years.  She and I have worked together, she has photographed one of my close friends' wedding and she just shot my wedding earlier this month.  Suzanne is also a personal friend.  From the perspective of both a vendor and a bride, Suzanne is one of the most unobtrusive photographers I've ever worked with.  All day, my husband and I were so relaxed knowing that she was getting the photos we wanted all while allowing us to enjoy our day.  We truly forgot she was photographing us during the day.  When it came time for non-candid photos, she was efficient, clear and so relaxed.  We had done engagement photos with Suzanne in March which helped us get comfortable in front of the camera and it also allowed all of us to know what felt natural and what didn't so there was no guessing the day of the wedding. Suzanne was phenomenal and is one of the most competitively priced photographers, especially considering her experience and skill set.  Again, I can't stress enough how thrilled my husband and I were with the whole process and the finished product." - Alyssa Taylor

"You have crossed my mind on 3 separate occasions today so I figured I would drop you a quick note to say hello.  I continue to look through the online gallery (almost weekly) and by the end of the pictures have the biggest smile on my face and dried tears on my cheeks.  You have such an amazing talent and I feel so lucky to have met you and had you document our wedding. You captured some of the most special moments in such a way that you can see/feel the emotions of everyone there. My parents just recently visited and my mother brought her album with her. Suzanne, the album is so perfect, so beautiful and exactly what I imagined.  I love your photography and can't thank you enough for helping to make our day so special.  I only wish that every couple getting married had the opportunity to work with you and hope we get to work together again in the near future." - Adam Brinkman

Suzanne is the best wedding photographer that I could have asked for. The photos that she captured are beautiful and show the day as I experienced it. She also made me and my husband feel comfortable in front of the camera (even though we usually are not). Suzanne captured these gorgeous shots while not intruding on our day. Our guests barely noticed that we were missing for pictures, and we got to spend most of our time enjoying the event. I've had so many friends ask about my photographer because you can really tell that Suzanne has a gift by viewing her work. Even better, she is a joy to work with and lets you focus on your day. I highly recommend Suzanne Karp Photography. - Carly Miller